Real Elements Power The Element Economy

The Element digital economy

  • We partner with mines to digitize their precious elements.
  • They stop mining, protecting the environment and local communities.
  • We are creating games and NFTs based on real elements.

Collectible • Tradeable • Playable

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Element has created Gold Crew Atlas (GCA) to deliver NFTs that work with the Element Digital Economy.

  • NFTs that give back. A portion of every mint goes to supporting communities affected by harmful mining practices.
  • Gain access to special events and rewards. These rewards can be used in the Element Marketplace.
  • NFTs with real world mine representation and attributes tied to a mine's 43-101 (A survey of a mines potential resources).
  • NFTs that connect directly with our games to enhance holder's experience and gain rewards.

Coming Soon & Free-to-play

Element gaming

The year is 3025 and Earth needs your help to replenish resources from the outer reaches of space.

  • Element is in development of the a free to play (F2P) idle browser game. This will be the first of many gaming possibilities
  • Anyone can play for fun, but if you have one of our NFTs and connect them to our game, you gain access to unique experiences and gain rewards.
  • Play a unique mining game straight from your web browser. Upgrade your team and tech to expand your operation and connect your NFTs for rewards.

Learn more about our Upcoming GAME here


Digital + physical treasure hunts

We're a proud sponsor of the viral and exciting Utah Treasure Hunt. It was such a success that we're planning digital + physical treasure hunts in the future, with rewards ranging from NFTs to real gold coins.

Coming soon!


Element E-Vault

The Element E-vault is a straight-forward solution that will allow precious jewelry assets to be tracked, verified, and validated.

Every time a physical asset is created, an associated NFT will be minted on the Element Blockchain with identification tied to an item's serial number, RFID, or other unique identifier.

Think of it as a digital receipt in the form of a utility NFT that registers jewelry ownership, warranty information, and maintenance history on the blockchain - fully transparent and accessbile to all.

Coming soon!

Image of a digital pick axe

When you know, you node

The new digital pickaxe

Ready to mine the metaverse? Nodes secure transactions on the Element Blockchain and generate digital rewards. Owning a node is staking a claim to the Element Digital Economy.