Unearth Possibilities

Element Brings Mining To The Metaverse.

Here's How it works:

  • We partner with mines to digitize their precious elements.
  • They stop mining, protecting the environment and local communities.
  • Coming soon: We create games and NFTs based on real elements.
Mine Image

The Element Digital Economy

Participate in the future of digital mining

We digitize precious elements by building digital economies on top of mines.

With Element Mine the Metaverse

Element Smart Nodes

Grab hold of a digital pickaxe

Nodes will protect and secure the Element Blockchain and generate exciting digital rewards. Run a node and earn rewards from the blockchain.

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games, nfts & Digital treasure hunts

Play to earn in the Element Economy

An exciting digital ecosystem of products built around real elements in real mines. Saving the earth has never been so entertaining.

Coming soon!

When you know, you node

The new digital pickaxe

Ready to mine the metaverse? Nodes secure transactions on the Element Blockchain and generate digital rewards. Owning a node is staking a claim to the Element Digital Economy.

Image of a digital pick axe


Mines are required to submit an independent 43-101 Technical Report as part of their prospectus with Element. It estimates the mineral resources in the ground.

We take that 43-101 and digitize the assayed estimated precious elements, turning them into NFTs, online games, treasure hunts, and more.

Over $200 Billion Dollars image

Of Assayed Elements Available For Digitization

We verify and digitize assayed precious elements. We’re first-to-market in bringing blockchain technology to gold + precious elements.

Protect What's Precious

Why digitize gold + precious elements?

  • Physical gold mining last year produced over 83 million tons of CO2. And that's just gold!
  • Irresponsible mining also destroys the environment and forces local communities into wage slavery.
  • We use blockchain technology to leverage natural resources, not destroy them.