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Join Element United to fight destructive mining practices all over the world.

How our ReFi products change the game

ReFi, or regenerative finance, leverages crypto to promote more inclusive and sustainable economies.

The Jewelry E-Vault

Get certified NFTs with unique identifiers indicating when, where, how, and why the elements were acquired.

• Mine to marketplace tracking of diamonds and precious metals
• Digital ledger recording of tomorrow's heirlooms and today's treasures

Voluntary Carbon Offsets

Agroforestry initiatives utilize blockchain technology to tokenize carbon offsets and store digital assets.

• Transparency
• Trust
• Decentralized
• Verification
• Impact

Element Mining Certification

Our Certification confirms mines are ethical via smart contracts & NFT technology.

• Verified chain of custody
• Ethical stewardship
• Climate neutrality
• Sustainable production
• Sustainable investments


Element United's Marketplace is a work-in-progress gold and silver program.

• Indicates Element Certification
• NFT verified "Sustainable"
• Provides smart contracts
• Provides digital receipt

Gaming & NFTs

We integrate real-world data for each mine.

• LiDAR technology
• Imagery
• Local lore
• 43-101 mining reports

Play the game and unlock real-world humanitarian projects.

How do Nodes work?

Discover how to become a member of our environmental blockchain and earn rewards. Access and download our in-depth Litepaper.

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