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Voluntary carbon offsets

Tokenization of voluntary carbon offset credits will lead consumers to the Element digital marketplace. People will be able to use their carbon credits to purchase lite nodes, element rewards, or subscription-based rewards. Rewards will also be used to vote on and fund land reclamation and humanitarian projects.

Follow our updates on the latest project in the Tanzania mine, highlighting Element's agroforestry efforts to incorporate long-term solutions for people, planet, and prosperity with key components such as women's empowerment, tokenized carbon credits, and revenue streams.

Mine Image
Mine Image


Gaming & NFTs

With the power of satellite laser imaging and scanning technology, we extract essential details to create a realistic and immersive virtual experience for players in a passive mobile experience, using free-to-play game maps crafted from an individual mine's real-life topography and National Instrument (NI) 43-101 in-ground asset report (or similarly required report) and inspired by Stardew Valley and Minecraft.

Explore a game where intrigues such as rich mine lore will naturally offer a wealth of content to pique user curiosity. Rugged topography, sensory-gripping weather, colorful flora, distinctive fauna, and even the sun's size may add depth and interest, making exploring the map more immersive, realistic, and engaging. Factions support player choice and immersion, allowing individuals to express their preferences and engage with the game world meaningfully. The player may gain many mine maps as we onboard more mine locations or choose a faction or team for a show of support.

From the gold mine to your gold watch


Element's E-Vault highlights the relationship between mining and sustainable jewelry production, revealing solutions and enabling consumers to purchase fully traceable products. Our E-Vault uses blockchain technology to track and trace the journey of gold, silver, and rare earth metals from certified mines to your hand-crafted collection. With our solution, you'll receive unique NFTs—like one-of-a-kind digital receipts—for your precious items, detailing not just the "where" and "when" of their mineral content but also the "how" and "why." It's a story of sustainability made just for you.By recording these assets on the blockchain,

Element Certified mines demonstrate a commitment to our ecosystem — and you. We certify these E-Vault treasures as responsibly sourced and ensure the journey to becoming your dazzling jewelry is transparent and verifiable. So, each piece you own is more than just a fashion statement – it's a testament to your commitment to a greener, brighter world. Wear each pendant with pride, knowing you're part of the incredible dance of sustainability!

Mine Image
Mine Image


Ethical Mining Certification

Our E-Vault offers a global mining certification to facilitate that impact. As Diamonds already have an effective accreditation, we're tackling gold and silver, rare earth metals, minerals, and more. When our blockchain verifies mines, you can be confident they use sustainable practices, generate carbon offsets, and contribute positively to their communities. Imagine a future where more mining operations are now a thriving forest of carbon-absorbing trees, representing a giant leap forward in sustainable practices.

Gold and silver coins

Our Marketplace

Tokenization of voluntary carbon offset credits leads consumers to the Element digital marketplace. People can use their carbon credits to purchase lite nodes, element rewards, or subscription-based rewards. Rewards can also be used to vote on and fund land reclamation and humanitarian projects.

At Element United, we have a heady Global Impact Goal by 2040, looking to become the driver of change in mining and materials processing; we want to empower the people and communities impacted by outdated, pollutive practices. Together, we can plant millions of acres of agroforestry, feed and educate millions of children, and bring long-term solutions to a planet needing our help and fight against climate change.

Mine Image

How we verify our projects

All our projects are sourced through an independently verified third party. You can rest easy knowing our nodes and crypto are hard at work.


We thoroughly investigate potential projects for sourcing offsets, ensuring strong scientific foundations back them.


We evaluate each project's ability to make a measurable difference, verifying the amount of CO2 it can effectively reduce or remove.


We provide full transparency so you can rest assured that your contribution effectively bolsters the planet's defense against climate change.