Join the Element United Affiliate program today!

Excited about the Element United opportunity? Have a network that will love the digital gold blockchain? We’re actively interviewing potential affiliates.

Everyone can earn digital rewards

All Element node owners qualify for referral action points when using their Refer-A-Friend link. Action points are converted into ELMT digital rewards for all node owners.

Anyone who chooses to earn additional income for their referral efforts, instead of digital rewards, can apply for the Affiliate Program by clicking the button below.

3 Simple steps to become an affiliate

Step 1

Complete the affiliate agreement & tax forms

Step 2

Complete sales & media compliance training

Step 3

Create aunique shareable affiliate link

The commission structure

For affiliates who complete the required list above and are approved can receive either of these commissions:


Commissions for all direct sales


Commissions for all first down level sales

For Example:

There is a 20% commissions for all direct sales. Affiliate A directly refers User B who makes a node purchase (lite or smart node).

There is a 8% commissions for all first down level sales. User B becomes an affiliate (now known as Affiliate B), and Affiliate A helps Affiliate B directly refer User C who makes a node purchase (lite or smart node).

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How do I get paid?

Affiliates will be paid once every two weeks in the form of cryptocurrency to their Element United crypto wallet. Payments will be distributed as USDC or ETH and will be processed one to two weeks in arrears.

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How long is the affiliate agreement for?

The commission percentages are 6-month seasonal agreements and will be updated as such. At the end of this season, Element will pay out commissions on all balances and restart our next season of commissions with all affiliates at a zero-dollar commission balance. To become eligible again in the future, the affiliate would need to renew their contract.

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How will Element track sales and commissions?

By using your unique link, Element tracks sales and calculates qualifying commissions using a third party tracking software. Element will provide a report for each affiliate on their dashboard to provide transparency. Affiliates can log in at any time to see the status of their referrals and pending commission payments. No other affiliate commissions will be paid outside of the Element Affiliate Program.

Ready to take the next step?

You can access your Element App login here and then click on the Affiliate Program tab.