Join the environmental blockchain.

Find out how you can join the proprietary environmental blockchain and earn rewards.

No mining required.

Ready to join? When you buy a node, you do more than just support Element's mission. You're becoming a part of the blockchain. Your node will validate user actions on what we call Layer 3, where the real worldmeets the Ecoverse: contributing to environmental reclamation projects, supporting exploited communities, and stopping harmful mining practices.

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Smart Node

Smart Nodes are the backbone of the Element Blockchain and the #1 way to earn ELMT rewards, support the community, and pave the way for the ecosystem's future.

Element software package

Full daily ELMT rewards

Full vote on new proposals

Price increases

100,000 max supply

Run (1) license per instance of computer/VPS

Eligibility for future full-point earning actions

How our blockchain works

The Element blockchain uses the best tech stack in crypto to deliver security, speed, and stability to our projects.

Layer 1

Element’s 1st layer is the Ethereum blockchain, the decentralized, open-source blockchain with smart contract powers. It’s where Element’s ERC-20 token lives.

Layer 2

Layer 2 is a fork of Ethereum and uses the Proof-of-Authority consensus mechanism. This is where digital points are distributed to node owners.

Layer 3

On this layer, an immutable ledger operating with distributed nodes confirms user actions. These actions reward users with points, which are distributed as ELMT tokens native to the Layer 2 blockchain and can be converted to Element’s ERC-20 token.

Join over 24,000+ nodes

When you buy a node, you get full access to your personal Element Dashboard, where you can track uptime and rewards in real-time.

Need help buying & setting up your nodes?

List our Node setup page for easy-to-follow videos. You can also download our in-depth Litepaper.

Our Shopify Store

You can now purchase Element United Nodes using a credit card (*with a small credit card fee) using our Shopify Store.