The proof is in the planting.

See how Element is already making an impact, from British Columbia to South Africa.

How we certify our mines

We're just getting started with over $200 Billion in allayed assets over five mines. Stopping destructive gold mining practices around the world is just the first step.

The Process

We scrutinize everything from a mine's operational practices to environmental impact, ensuring each certified mine aligns with our sustainability and responsible mining commitments.

The Action

We're dedicated to halting destructive gold mining practices globally, marking this as our crucial first step towards a greener mining industry.

The Future

As we move forward, we envision expanding our certification to more mines, ensuring they adopt environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.


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Our certified mines

Element United is accelerating the shift to sustainable modern mining by harnessing the power of the blockchain.


Wheaton Creek Jade Mine

Nestled in the untamed wilderness about 60 kilometers east of the quaint community of Dease Lake, the Wheaton Creek Jade Mine unveils the earth's raw beauty, showcasing an array of nephrite jade boulders found in abundance along Wheaton Creek. This spectacle of nature is underpinned by a broad belt of ancient ultramafic rock of the Cache Creek Complex, which has transformed over time to yield these stunning jade deposits. As we trace the creek upstream, jade boulders reveal themselves in increasing numbers, a testament to the estimated 3,000 tonnes of jade within this enchanting geologic backdrop.

The Wheaton Creek Jade Mine has pledged to stop mining in return for access to the Element Digital Economy. Jade mining is high-emissions mining, often requiring long-range shipping to refinement facilities in Asia, not with Element. We're reducing enough carbon per day to power 30 homes.

Mine Image
Mine Image


Nyamongo Gold Mine

Nyamongo Gold Mine is 35,000 acres in one of the richest veins of gold on earth, located on the shores of Tanzania's Lake Victoria and nearby one of the most controversial mines in North Mara. Its claim consists of Precambrian terranes comprised of Archean block and hails from a gold industry that began in Medieval times when Persian and Arab travelers stopped in the Swahili trading port city of Kilwa, located off the coast of Tanzania.We're helping to support TanzRoc's sustainability initiative, which would prevent open pit mining; irrigate and farm thousands of acres in a move that seeks to increase food security in the region.


Manson Creek Gold Mine

Manson Creek's claim is located in the Omineca Regions and the Liard River areas on the land of the Kaska Dena First Nation people. Manson Creek owners sought out Element United as a pledge to incorporate sustainable measures such as improvements to surface and groundwater quality, noise, aquatic ecosystems, terrain and soils, wildlife and habitat, heritage resources, health and wellbeing, economy, community vitality, and more.

The Manson Creek claim is a placer gold mine in British Columbia, Canada, which can destroy river ecosystems, including the Manson Creek and Germansen River, on which the local communities depend for food and water. We're keeping all that intact, conserving the gold in the ground, and using the assayed precious elements of the mine to create our first digital products.

Mine Image
Mine Image


Chipewyan Red Granite Mine

Chipewyan quarry is situated 20 kilometers north of Ft. Chipewyan, on the shore of Lake Athabasca, Alberta, Canada, with riverfront access to its south and home to the Athabascan First Nation people. A geologic survey indicated a Precambrian Shield with abundant red granite for ornamental building stone. Assessments have been mapped sufficiently, showing 680 acres with an additional 8448 hectares, or 20,875 acres.

Chipewyan Red Granite Mine is the first mine to commit an entire portfolio of in-ground assets to the blockchain, immediately ceasing mining operations in return for access to the Element United Digital Economy.


Blaaubank Gold Mine

Blauubank gold mine near Magaliesburg, South Africa, aims to build a sustainability mining project built from one of the most historic gold mining claims in South Africa. Located on the second thrust zone diagonal to the Rietfontein fault, this 1913 gold mine is the oldest in the Gauteng province.

Relatively new South African legislation mandates that mining companies provide funding for land rehabilitation upon mine closure. That's why Blauubank Gold Mine sought a joint venture with Element United to access the Element Digital Economy and ensure sustainability for their new mining endeavors.

Mine Image