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Element United isn't just another name in the green tech space; it's a forward-thinking leader striving for a more sustainable future.

Incentivize positive change and they will follow.

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Element United recognizes the growing environmental challenges and sees an opportunity in tokenized carbon offsetting as part of the broader green tech movement. With a mission to decarbonize and rehabilitate the Earth, we seek to introduce transformative carbon solutions and promote global sustainability.

Connecting climate action with environmental care

Carbon credits act as a bridge, enabling entities at various levels to balance environmental responsibility with daily operational realities.

Carbon credits have emerged as a vital tool, creating a monetary incentive for companies to curtail their carbon emissions. In tandem with the changing public attitudes on climate change, there's now a financial impetus and a significant public policy incentive for emission reductions.

Because certain entities are legally mandated to balance out their emissions, they actively participate in the carbon credit market to comply with the mandates.

Four Stages of Environmental Progress

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Scientific Research

Scientific inquiry examines environmental issues, collecting data and using rigorous methods to assess the environment, providing an evidence-based understanding of the environment and its interactions. It identifies problems like environmental decline and its causes and finds solutions like sustainable technologies and carbon sequestration methods.

Example: The IPCC releases reports on climate change based on global scientific research.

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Community Voice

As awareness of scientific findings spreads, the public begins to recognize the importance and urgency of addressing environmental issues. Grassroots movements, civil societies, and non-governmental organizations continue to play pivotal roles in amplifying this voice. Public awareness and mobilization are crucial to prioritizing and addressing environmental concerns.

Example: Greta Thunberg and the youth demanded action on climate change with Fridays for Future.

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Consumer Behavior

Consumers become more aware and knowledgeable about the environment, making choices that align with their environmental concerns and prioritizing eco-friendly options such as choosing sustainable products, reducing consumption, or supporting environmentally businesses, driving innovation and transformation.

Example: Demand for electric vehicles, reduction in single-use plastics, and the popularity of plant-based diets rise.

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Systemic Change

Recognizing the shifting public sentiment and the tangible environmental challenges, leaders in various sectors – business, community, and governmental – begin to endorse, support, and implement policies, practices, and innovations that address these concerns. Leadership support is vital to scale up the efforts, provide necessary resources, and institutionalize changes that can have a lasting positive impact on the environment.

Example: Countries sign the Paris Agreement to indicate action on climate change.

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